2nd Asian University Road Cycling Championship: Opening Ceremony 14 Oct 2016 | in Cycling

Chang Nyeong, Korea – At 19:00 on Oct.14, the 2nd Asian University Road Cycling Championship was unveiled in presence of AUSF Vice President Mr. CHEN Kuning, AUSF Honorary President Dr. CHUNG Tong Gu, President of Korean University Cycling Federation (KUCF) Mr. LEE Yong-Woo, AUSF Auditor Mr. HA Woong Yong, AUSF General Coordinator Ms. Laura YAN and 63 participants from China, Japan, Malaysia, Mongolia and the host Korea.

After the introduction of the special guests present, the participating teams were warmly welcomed to march in. In the following, KUCF President delivered his welcome speech. He said it was the second time for Asian University Road Cycling Championship held in Chang Nyeong, Korea. He welcomed all the riders back again and wished them enjoy the stay in Chang Nyeong. In his welcome speech, AUSF Vice President Mr. CHEN Kuning expressed the gratitude to the Organizing Committee for the efficient management of this championship and he wished the youth present could not only compete with each other, but also make some long-life friendship. He hoped the young students would treasure this opportunity and make it a treasurable memory in his long life.


AUSF Honorary President Dr. CHUNG Tong Gu made his special visit to Chang Nyeong for this championship, immediately after an oversea trip. He also brought his best wishes to all the participants. He briefly reviewed the history of AUSF with the youth. He said that he was so proud and glad to see the fast growth of AUSF in past 20 years, from a less-popular organization to a worldwide renowned one. He also mentioned that Cycling is a traditional event in Korea and he hoped that with the involvement of all the Asian countries, this event could be promoted in a larger scale.


With all the ceremony procedures run through, the Opening Ceremony ended with group photo session.

From the exciting faces of the participants, it could be seen and felt that how enjoyable this tournament is!

On Oct. 15th, the Criterium will start at 9: 00! Let’s cheer up for them! The stage is yours! Come on, boys!!!


For more information on 2nd Asian University Road Cycling Championship, please visit www.ausf.org.


(Source: AUSF Secretariat)