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Lingwu, China- on 24th Sep., the knock-out stage started with the match between New Caledonia and Malaysia for the 7th and 8th place, followed by the match between Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan for the 5th and 6th place. The semi-finals started with the match between Oman and Kazakhstan, followed by match between Iran and China. The winners of the two matches will go for the final.

New Caledonia vs. Malaysia

For both teams, this was the last match of this tournament. Both teams played very hard. Until 14th minute, Malaysia kicked in their first goal. Within 1 minute, they made the 2nd one. New Caledonia coach called a time-out promptly, and adjusted their tactics to Malaysia feature--running and moving fast. However, Malaysia did not give New Caledonia chances to tie and stopped score by 4:2.

In the 2nd half, Malaysia took the active attack and scored another goal after the beginning. New Caledonia tried hard to caught up with the opponent, but could not break the ice until 25th minute when Malaysia made one foul. The situation started to favor New Caledonia after their successful penalty shot and they lost only one goal to Malaysia. In the last minute, No. 6 Sablan Jason from New Caledonia tied the score as 6:6.

According to the regulations, there shall be no extra time except for the final competition. The winner would be determined by penalty kicks (3 kicks/each team). During the penalty war, New Caledonia shot three times but only got one in. Finally, Malaysia kicked in 2 goals consecutively and finished the match by 8:7.

Mongolia vs. Kyrgyzstan

The 5th/6th ranking competition started at 14:00 between Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan. Although cheerleading teams rested and prepared for the final, Mongolia girls went to the venue and cheered for their team.

Mongolia took one point lead right after 2 minutes. But Kyrgyzstan was more aggressive and systematically organized. Shortly, they turned the score from 0:1 to 2:1. In the second half, Kyrgyzstan still controlled the pace. Finally, Kyrgyzstan beat Mongolia by 3:2.

Oman vs. Kazakhstan

Oman team was the first team entering into the semi-final by 3 win and 1 draw, but its opponent Kazakhstan was competitive as well. In the first half, Kazakhstan players seemed not in the match mode and didn't concentrate in the competition. That was why Oman could take the lead from the beginning. Regardless of physical advantage and ball-controlling ability, the biggest characteristic of Oman was counterattack. The final score was 7:5, Oman qualified to the final. Kazakhstan will face to the loser team of the other semi-final (Iran vs. China) to fight for the third place of this championship.

The match can be download from:


Iran vs. China

This was one of the most exciting match, because China played in the home court. The stadium was almost full. The mayor and vice mayors of Lingwu city also came to watch the match. It was the third time for China to take part in the AUSF Futsal Championship. Entering the semi-final was the best result for ever, which not only encouraged the Chinese team, but also the audience.

Comparing with the traditional strong team Iran, China team took the disadvantage in both body shape and tactics, but China team did not give up and played very hard, scoring one goal in the first half, which ended by 2:1 with Iran taking the lead. In the second half, although China team gave a few challenging attacks, they did not make it. When Iran scored 5 goals, it started to play the power play to tightly control the ball. China team tried to block it, but good luck was not on them. The match ended by 5:1.

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During the half time, New Caledonia team performed a Vanuatu dance, named Bird Song to entertain the local audience, which lighted up the stadium and attracted a lot of fans to take pictures with them. Through this tournament, not only the participating teams know more on local cultures, but also the local people know more outside the China. They opened the window for each other to know more outside their own world.


Match Results of Sep.24th


Malaysia vs. New Caledonia

8:7 (6:6)

Mongolia vs. Kyrgyzstan


Oman vs. Kazakhstan


Iran vs. China



On Sep. 25th , finals will be staged. Here comes the schedule.


China vs. Kazakhstan   10:00

Iran vs. Oman             16:00


Team Competition        13:30

Final                            16:00


All finals will be broadcasted online, please visit the follow link for details, http://www.jsports.cn/live/b/content_live_37.shtml


For more information, please keep on visiting www.ausf.org.


(Source: AUSF Secretariat)