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As the last-but-not-least job, AUSF yearly magazine 2018 will be published soon. As the regular column - ON MEMBER FEDERATION'S ACTITIVITES 2018, we would like to invite EACH MEMBER FEDERATION to contribute to the promotion of university and student sport in your country or region. We will reserve at a maximum of 4 pages in the magazine for the annual overview and presentation of your federation. We kindly ask you to send us the materials - the text and related photos (high-resolution; large files). We expect to receive the articles from member federation in 5 sub-regions.

Guidelines and technical recommendations for magazine contributions:
1) content: we advise you to give an overall short presentation of the federation (structure, board member if changed), with emphasis on activities carried out in the current year - annual overview, and plans for next year. Please mention the title of the event/occasion, dates, location, names of the key representatives.
2) format: the text may be in plain text (in the email), or formatted (word and similar formats); about 800 - 1000 words is expected.
3) photo: high resolution photos are needed, preferably dimensions 2580 x 2048 pixel or larger, dpi 300 or more (one file is usually more than 1,5Mb). Please send at least 10 photos (more is desirable; up to 20) by email with attachments.

As a special column - IDUS CELEBRATION IN ASIA - we expect that you can send a few photos and brief description.

In the hope to make it ready before the first event of AUSF and FISU event, please send us back the materials before 30th Dec. 2018. 

The former editions of AUSF Yearly Magazine had been distributed in worldwide and the e-version could be downloaded from our website.


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(Source: AUSF Secretariat)