• FISU-NUSF Seminar: Day Four On Dec. 14th, the Seminar started with a presentation from Nepal. In the following, Donna Spethman made a speech on FISU-WADA Anti Doping E Textbook, which was developed as a legacy project from Gwangju Universiade. 15 Dec 2017
  • FISU-NUSF Seminar: Day Three On Dec. 13, the third day of FISU-NUSF Seminar was all about messaging and sponsorship with the focus of presentations and workshops on marketing and sponsorship. 13 Dec 2017
  • FISU-NUSF Seminar: Day Two On Dec. 12th, the excitement and energy of the first day of the FISU-NUSF Seminar returned on day two as delegates participated in sessions on leading teams and putting together an event management plan for future International Day of University Sport events. 12 Dec 2017
  • FISU-NUSF Seminar: Day One On Dec. 11th, 2017 FISU-NUSF Seminar officially started its first day at 8:30 in the morning. 11 Dec 2017
  • FISU-NUSF Seminar On the evening of 10th Dec. 2017, a well banquet was hosted for nearly 50 administrators from 18 National University Sports Federation of Asian and Oceania countries and regions, with the presence of FISU 1st Vice President Leonz Eder, AUSF President Xue Yanqing, FISU Oceania Martin Doulton, AUS CEO Don Knapp. 10 Dec 2017
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